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Issue #7 :: Princess Pi vs. Land Shark from Saturday Night Live :: Rls. Date: 05.16.11
Page Count: 2

Description: "Well, it's simple, really. The reason you have to go to school is...YOUR PARENTS ARE ALIENS! AND WHILE YOU'RE AT SCHOOL, THEY SHED THEIR HUMAN SKINS AND BREATHE DRYER LINT! Heheh!"

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Issue #6 :: Princess Pi vs. Prince William :: Rls. Date: 04.17.11
Page Count: 10

Description: "JONATHAN ANDERTON! YOU could use a GUINNESS right about now!!"

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Issue #5 :: Princess Pi vs. Princess Ip :: Rls. Date: 03.08.11
Page Count: 11

Description: if ( lisa.isBirthday ) print "Happy Birthday, Lisa."

if( floors.stickEMart && dad.sickEMart && hurl(brickEMart) && doh ) needKwikEMart = false;

class Monorail { awfullyLoud=false; trackCouldBend=false; brainDeadSlobs.give(cushyJobs); sentByDevil=false; }

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Issue #4 :: Princess Pi vs. Opposite Guy :: Rls. Date: 02.21.11
Page Count: 10

Description: "Have you found the red key yet? When you get the red key head back through the hedge maze to the scientist's lab. There you'll see three locks. Put the key into the far most left one. That'll will open the door to the +1 battle ax of Tzentch but also will release 3 time wyverns. Defeat them and save the gnome princess they were guarding. She'll join your party if you have positive reputation with the dragon clan and negative reputation with Majik Inc. If you have a high heart rating she will attack you if you talk to her so you'll need to use your time phase power and beat the QTE. Hopefully you didn't reduce funding because you will regret it.

"This of course assumes you defeated the first three gym leaders using only the shotgun."

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Issue #3 :: Princess Pi vs. The Totally Nazis :: Rls. Date: 02.07.11
Page Count: 10

Description: "It's ROLLING ROCK...on the ROLL AND ROCKER!"

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Issue #2 :: Princess Pi vs. Mojo Nixon :: Rls. Date: 01.23.11
Page Count: 10

Description: "Greta Garbo, Ada Munroe
Dietrich and DiMaggio
Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean
On the cover of a magazine
Grace Kelly, Harlow Jean
Picture of a beauty queen
Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire
Sue Sylvester, dance on air
They had style, they had grace
Rita Hayworth gave good face
Lauren, Katherine, Lana too
William Schuster, I hate you
Ladies with an attitude
Fellas that were in the mood
Don't just stand there, let's get to it
Strike a pose, there's nothing to it

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Issue #1 :: Princess Pi vs. Everything :: Rls. Date: 01.01.11
Page Count: 20

Description: "As students standing at the dawn of a brand new century, we face certain choices. How do we prepare for the future? Melanie Powers knew how she was going to prepare. As she checked the fit one more time on her tool leather shoulder holster, she thought about all the communists she’d be taking out tonight. Melanie harbored no illusions about unilaterally surging the stemming of Red tide. But, she reflected with a grim smile, what special agent could resist the opportunity to fill a few Bolshevik cemeteries?

"As Melanie sunbathed on the Rio beach, she looked back upon the past few days with a certain quiet satisfaction. Twelve dead Russians, five dead Chinese, three or four dead Cubans. The world was once again safe for democracy, she reflected while watching Tonio’s exquisite chest rise and fall with his light snoring. Safe for democracy, or almost safe. Melanie brushed some errant grains of sand off her fingers, tied her top back on and reached into her beach bag. Tonio heard nothing, and that was a pity, because he would never hear anything again. So long Tonio, she thought as she calmly stood up. I could have loved you if you weren’t as Red as the blood stain now spreading across the sand. Melanie walked calmly away to the hotel. There’d be a message there from HQ no doubt. She hoped she had time for a shower."

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