The strip really starts picking up from here. You're gonna love this batch.

Stop and take a look at some of these drawings of Roy. They're even funnier when examined closely.

Booker's worm chases kick into high gear. You're about to read my favorite Booker vs. Worm sequence.....

Coming up next: strips of Stupid Bo. Until now, you've only known Surfer Bo. How stupid was the original Bo? Off-duh-hook stupid.

The cartoon energy packed into this strip is incredible. Normally, this kind of joke would have to be animated in order to get the timing just right. Imagine if THIS had been what the cartoon was like.

The last week of strips in the book introduces the Lost Members of U.S. Acres--Cody and Blue. Cody was a stupid mutt (though not nearly as stupid as Bo) whose main interests were casually terrorizing other members of the farm by trying to gnaw them to bits.....Cody had no reason to do it; he just did this because that's what he DOES. Blue was a blue cat who followed Cody around to keep him out of trouble.

Said Cody to Orson, "Blue is my guardian angel. She stops me from saying stupid things like how you don't stink much for a pig."

NEXT: Book 4, "U.S. Acres Runs Amuck"!