Does your site make any money?

No. But what site does?

Anyone who thinks websites make money has never run one. Harley doesn't make much money off TZ; she does freelance work to make a living. LittleKuriboh doesn't make money. Chester A. Bum doesn't make money. YOUTUBE doesn't make money, it actually LOSES money every day because of all the bandwidth costs. Ironically, the bigger your site is the more cash it takes to run, so any profit is cancelled out. The only reason YouTube stays alive is because it is owned by Google, and they make money hand over fist. Sites that look like they make serious money are actually owned by companies that can afford to run them; example, IGN is owned by News Corp.

Doesn't my site have ads? Yes, but they make pennies a day. I keep them around because I consider them some kind of cyber change jar that will eventually add up to something. If I registered with twenty different pop-up ad companies and drowned every page in annoying banners featuring close-ups of yellow teeth my profit might increase to about five bucks a day, but at the cost of your comfort it's not worth it. The only way a website can make money honestly is if it begs for money specifically, like through a PayPal button or a "premium" bonus program. And no, I don't make much money off my books either. I set the prices as low as I possibly could to make them affordable for you.

You can't currently donate to the site, but that's because I don't need your money at the present time to live. My thoughts are that if I treat you with enough respect, you will in turn come through for me when I really need you. If you ever see a PayPal logo on the main page, there'll be a good reason for it.

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