KEIKI are EVERYWHERE!! Well, at least in one place....Here are just some of them.

Keiki Kikilaka
Keiki is the main character of this series(although that's debatable). While the cast is mostly children and the word "Keiki" is a collective Hawaiian term meaning kids, Keiki is also a girl. Thus the series' double-meaning name. It's not really that clever, but as Keiki would say, "Blame my parents."
Queenie Waheenie
Keiki's good-natured older sister.
Hey! Whatchoo lookin' at, brah? Beefer SO kick yo' haole arse! You no mess with da Kanaka Maoli, SHAKAAAA!!! Ha ha, Beefer just kiddin, we islanders are easy goin' braddahs. What do you mean I'm outta space? YOU %$#@&%$@%!!!!
Oh, and um, if you haven't guessed already by now, this series takes place in Hawaii. Beefer does have a last name, it's just over 20 letters long and has lots of vowels and I don't feel like typing it.
Boy, is Andrea screwed up or what? Nobody really seems to notice though, other than Keiki. And apparently, neither does her mom. Andrea has two older brothers that look exactly like her, except they're taller, male and not Andrea.
Ivan "The Terrible"
"Martha, that child is a MENACE!!" Ivan is the resident bully, but he doesn't bother the main characters in this series much...he's more friends with them. Someone pointed out to me "Ivan" is a Norse name, not a Hawaiian name. Well, like Ivan I don't care.
Whatever Ivan's doing lately, you can be sure it's something he could be prosecuted for, were he not a minor. What's interesting is that his mom is....
Marie Magnolia
Marie is one of those beautiful Hawaiian girls you hear about but rarely actually see there. (Beauty is hard to pull off using this drawing style, so just take my word for it). Marie runs and operates her own restraunt, Marie's. Everybody eats there and everybody loves Marie. If they knew how well she can raise a kid, maybe they'd change their minds a little.....
Everybody Else
There are many other characters...Ms. Munupi(left) used to teach Keiki's 5th grade class at Punahou Elementary, but now she's dead. Sometime, I'll get around to drawing a portrait of her replacement and fix this page. Natali Marmalade hosts the local news.
There was a character called the Stereotyped Smart Kid until a statewide school test revealed the smartest human in Hawaii to be Keiki. Now he's trying to find other people to mimic...currently he's the Stereotyped Rebel Kid, complete with slicked-back hair and Fonzie jacket. Aaaaaaay!
There's this bum character on the streets, and also some guy named Snorkel Bob running around, but you'll catch on to all the lesser characters eventually......

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