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Issue #2 :: Riot Act #2 :: Rls. Date: 01.26.02
Page Count: 24

Description: The first time this site was under a domain, it was registered as Several people said they visited my site and then asked me questions about strange things that weren't on it...leading to my discovery that another domain had the very similar name of From there, this story almost wrote itself.

You'll be going into this almost blind. Most of the characters in this cartoon no longer exist on the site, and neither does "Riot Act" itself--its main purpose was to be a variety series, which proved to be unnecessary.

Kevin Hines's is still there, and it hasn't been updated in the five years since I drew this. Neither has Hines ever been notified that this clash happened!

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Issue #1 :: Awesome Blossom :: Rls. Date: 09.15.00
Page Count: 16

Description: This was drawn in the back of Scrambled Eggs #92. The first-page description is no longer canonical, but I had to include it to avoid making OTHER portions of the comic confusing.

"Awesome Blossom" is supposed to be a really bad 1980's cartoon show in the Platypus Comix Universe. It's got everything: lame cutesy characters, limited animation, gaudy flourescent effects, idiotic plots and more!

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