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Issue #3 :: X-Man :: Rls. Date: 12.16.01
Page Count: 15

Description: All little Buzz wants for Christmas is an X-Box.

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Issue #2 :: Untitled :: Rls. Date: 12.09.01
Page Count: 14

Description: Santa Claus faces stiff competition from new rival Johnny McRotten, who lives at the South Pole and gives children toys for being bad.

This first appeared in December 2001, but it was written and drawn in December 2000...this fact will be very obvious when you see the story's ending.

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Issue #1 :: Scrambled Eggs: "Season's Greetings! Bah Humbug!" :: Rls. Date: 12.25.91
Page Count: 17

Description: You've reached the bottom of the list, and this is as old as it gets: a Scrambled Eggs Christmas story from 1991. Wow!

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