Platypus Comix Covers the Hard you don't have to

Another thing you probably didn't do, yet I unfortunately did, was get everything in the original "Pokemon Stadium." There is no reviewer that treats a Pokemon Stadium game very kindly, except for Nintendo Power reviewers of course. I don't think they really understand how the game is supposed to be used. Pokemon Stadium is not really a full game and shouldn't be expected to's an "enhancement." The POINT is to plug your Game Boy cart into the N64 controller and see your Pokemon in glorious 3D, as well as put them in battles a whole lot harder and more challenging than anything in the Game Boy game. It essentially extends the life of your Game Boy Pokemon game by leaps and bounds, and you know what? If you play the GB games, I fully recommend the companion Stadium game. There's all that, and then the Sushi-Go-Round.

But I did everything. I managed to register all 151 Pokemon into the Hall of Fame area(you gotta do it six at a time, and you better win). I completed every single thing in the game and beat Mewtwo, unlocking "Round Two," which is the same game yet TWICE as hard. And I got all the way to the end of THAT to get...Surfin' Pikachu.

Surfin' Pikachu is only the Pikachu from your Yellow cart, which learns the water move Surf(and it has to be that specific Pikachu you got at the beginning of the game, otherwise you can't do this). The truth is, Round 2 is way too hard to use a weak creature like Pikachu...that's why you just use Mewtwo for everything. El Cheapo worked against everything on Game Boy and he worked against everything in Stadium. They changed the balance in later games so you couldn't do this.

"Surf" isn't that bad a move to have on a Pikachu, really. It's a strong attack and it's the opposite in element from any other attack Pikachu can use, so it comes in handy. In addition to this, if you use the move to cross a river, you get a sprite of Pikachu surfing...and if you take Pikachu to a house by the beach in the normal game, it unlocks a surfing minigame. So, there were merits to going through all this hassle(and it was a lot). The reward screen only appears once...and so now this site has the only photos of it. Now, once again, YOU don't have to do it, and here's another reason not to: the truth is, if I had waited a year until I bought the Gameshark, I could have just hacked a Surf into a Pikachu and gotten all that stuff without wasting hours and hours of my life. But I did it, I can't un-do it, and I might as well get something out of it by showing you something you'd otherwise never see.

There is another unique Pokemon you can get from Stadium. I got that as's a Psyduck than can do the attack "Amnesia." That's the reward for completing the Hall of Fame and it provides little to no advantage in anything. But I was really after the Pikachu.

Now for a sight less lame...and a lot prettier!